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Private Cloud Services Case Study

Bell Medical revamps its IT infrastructure by adopting Colt Private Cloud.

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The context and content of this document are about KVH Co., Ltd. prior to joining Colt Group S.A.

With our business profile undergoing significant diversification, the need for IT infrastructure capable of handling 24x7x365 workloads became more pressing. We envisioned a new next-gen platform built with business continuity in mind and used this as the benchmark in selecting Colt’s private cloud solution. Just like their platform, Colt’s engineers are on watch around-the-clock, providing the leverage we need to improve the usability of our services.– Hidekazu Sasaki
Manager, Quality Advancement Group
IT Division
Bell Medical Solutions, Inc.

Bell Medical Solutions, Inc.

Since establishing a clinical testing registration center in 1986, Bell Medical has been at the forefront in providing total support for the development of new medicines and medical technology as a contract research organization (CRO). Originally the pharmaceutical/medical branch of Bellsystem 24, Inc., Bell Medical was spun off as its own entity in March, 2014. The company has parlayed its success as a CRO into providing contact center administration for the medical industry. Furthermore, they are able to provide highly reliable support for drug research for the entire product lifecycle, from creation to development, with their total service package.

Bell Medical’s Business Challenge

Bell Medical was considering revamping their infrastructure, not just to upgrade, but to change and modernise their work processes through the incorporation of leading-edge IT. Although they had already decided that server virtualization would suit their needs, there were still three significant hurdles to overcome. First, self-managing their current systems took much time and sapped efficiency. Second, they needed to have the new system up and running quickly, to avoid disrupting ongoing projects. Third, the virtual server platform still needed to interface with their physical systems in the interests of security and protecting sensitive medical data.

Reason for Selecting Colt Services

A prior working relationship and firsthand experience with the quality of Colt’s network services helped make the decision to go with Colt Private Cloud easy for Bell Medical. Colt was able to respond to Bell Medical’s needs in a flexible manner and offer a complete infrastructure solution within the necessary time frame. This allowed Bell Medical to reallocate considerable internal resources to their core business. They were also very pleased with the skill and professionalism of Colt engineers.

Colt Solutions

Colt provides a total solution which includes the private cloud, internet access, closed network multi-connectivity, colocation, and managed IT services. It is a highly robust and complete suite of services that provides Bell Medical the reliability they need, all through a single point of contact.

Colt Private Cloud

is a highly secure and independent private cloud environment designed in accordance with customer requirements without setup fees. Colt provides all equipment including servers, storage, switches, and racks in addition to handling installation, operation, and maintenance. Customers can also reconfigure resources to their liking with Colt Turbine, Colt’s cloud orchestration system.

Private Cloud Services

Ether-MAN Plus

is an optimized network service for corporate networks and combines the reliability of a leased line service with the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of wide-area Ethernet. Delivered over Colt’s fiber-optic network, Colt Ether-MAN Plus provides market-leading transmission speeds which have given Colt the distinction of being the lowest latency network in metropolitan Japan.

Colocation Services (in a Colt data centres in Japan)

provide secure, high-performance, high-availability environments for your infrastructure and information assets. Colt owns and operates data center facilities in Asia’s key business hubs, including Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Busan, Korea, and extends its reach throughout Europe and the US via high-quality partner facilities to deliver premium colocation services on a global scale.

Colt Colocation

Colt Managed Services

provide customers with configuration design, equipment rental (both within Colt facilities and at customer sites), installation and setup of equipment, management, monitoring, incident handling, etc.

Managed Services

Colt Internet Access

offers flexible options and pricing in accordance with customer needs. It is available as a bandwidth-guaranteed or besteffort service ranging from 1Mbps to 10Gbps with fixed or usage-based billing.

Colt Internet Access Services

Future Plans for Bell Medical Solutions:

By using Colt Private Cloud, Bell Medical was able to improve the usability and reliability of their services. This has put them in a position to expand their business and more quickly incorporate future IT advancements into their strategies going forward.