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CPoint Corporation Achieves Highly Scalable Infrastructure With Colt Private Cloud

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The context and content of this document are about KVH Co., Ltd. prior to joining Colt Group S.A.

By adopting KVH Private Cloud, we were able to revamp our systems with minimal impact to our customers while acquiring a flexible platform capable of handling the future growth of our business.– Izumi Kaneko

Chief of Network Solution Operations

Executive Branch Manager, Okinawa Office

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CPoint Corporation

CPoint Corporation is a strategic consulting and total solutions provider for internet related firms. Completely understanding the ins and outs of business on the internet is their professional calling card and has aided them in leading their clients to success. Their forte is the construction and design of websites, related databases, mobile content, support for network construction and management, and other website-related services.

CPoint Corporation’s Business Challenge

CPoint Corporation had three main goals as they dove into a project to revamp their IT infrastructure. They needed to maintain the high quality of their hosting services that had won the satisfaction of their customers, avoid massive reconfiguration of their infrastructure and any resulting impact on their customers, and future-proof their operations. Having to integrate their current non-urban data center into the final solution also made the project particularly challenging.

Why Colt

Colt was selected for its ability to easily handle any growth in the number of users with a scalable platform, as well as the ability to integrate CPoint’s existing data center into a DC environment with a private cloud. Colt Private Cloud provided CPoint with completely dedicated and stable connectivity for a nominal monthly fee, allowing CPoint to provide their customers with standardised services free of latency volatility.

Future Plans

CPoint’s new infrastructure has empowered them with the potential to not only handle the demands of their current customers, but also set their sights on business expansion into Hong Kong, Singapore, and the rest of Asia. Their strategy for expansion is centred on the ability to provide uniform private cloud services over their data centre/network foundation through a strong international partnership with Colt.

Colt Solution

CPoint Corporation utilises Colt Private Cloud routed through their pre-existing data centre for a dedicated connectivity environment payable with a monthly access fee. This platform is equipped to handle the needs of CPoint Corporation’s clients through a secure and scalable architecture. Additionally, it provides proven service quality backed by a stringent SLA and greater added value, all while reducing operational overhead.


Colt Private Cloud

Colt Private Cloud services offer a dedicated cloud environment where all devices, including servers, switches, and storage, and the computing management software, are dedicated to you and independent from all other users. Colt Turbine, an online computing management tool, provides you with ultimate control of your private cloud environment at any time, from any location. The Colt private cloud environment can be hosted at a secure Colt data center, your premise, or a third-party facility.

Colt Private Cloud


KVH Ether-MAN EX, now etherXEN, is a Japan-wide multipoint-to-multipoint connectivity solution based on Ethernet Private LAN service (E-LAN) / Ethernet Virtual Private LAN service (EVP-LAN) that enables you to connect multiple locations through a simple Ethernet interface. Highly reliable and flexibly configurable at reasonable cost, KVH Ether-MAN EX will allow you to minimise capital investments and realise a low total cost of ownership without compromising on quality.

Colt etherXEN