Infomart Corporation

Colt's ethernet VPN connects customers to business growth

Colt Solution

etherXEN Multi-Connect

With Colt’s fast, bandwidth-guaranteed network, we can conduct our business smoothly and we’re very happy with the service. Compared to before, there is hardly any latency and we enjoy very stable connectivity. We plan to optimize our systems, including networks and server clusters, around Colt’s network.

Shunpei Yano
Internal System Integration Department
Development Division

About Infomart Corporation

Since our founding in 1998, we’ve been providing our BtoB e-commerce platform to connect companies. As of November 2016, the number of companies used is 122,824, offices used is 390,672. Our platform carried 1.3 trillion yen worth of transactions in the 2015 fiscal year.

Businesses the world over are all involved in some form of selling/purchasing and submitting/receiving price quotations, orders, invoices and payment. Rather than execute these essential tasks by phone, fax, physical mail or in person, enterprises can save time and money, grow revenue, and improve productivity by taking care of business on our BtoB platform. As a paperless system, it’s also much more environmentally friendly.

Infomart’s business challenge

We’d been using an internet VPN (main) and consumer internet (backup) to connect our offices in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka, but being an internet-based solution, our service was impacted by other users’ traffic, causing unreliable performance and impairing smooth business operations. With the move to a new office and expansion of business and employees, we decided to switch from unreliable, best-effort service to a high-quality, bandwidth-guaranteed network.

Why Colt

Colt has much experience in providing reliable business connectivity. We also know they have a reputation for furnishing high-performance, low-latency solutions for the demanding financial industry. We hope to leverage their scalability and flexibility in the future for server clusters and other data centre assets.

Future plans

With Colt, the performance of our network has improved significantly. Their highquality, high-bandwidth connectivity has given us the headroom to improve the efficiency of our existing business applications, as well as our internal systems.

Colt solution

  • etherXEN Multi-Connect is a Layer 2 Ethernet connectivity service for your buildings and data centre that provides high bandwidth needed to support the burgeoning needs of todays IT systems and cloud-based data. Combined with low cost of service, etherXEN Multi-Connect also contributes to a much healthier TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for enterprises looking to grow into the future.
  • Nationwide coverage in Japan through Colt and partner data centres provide a wealth of expanding access options, including Colt access, KDDI access, and Hikari access. Multi-cloud access for Amazon web services and Microsoft Azure is also supported, even through a single access point.
Premium quality
  • Fully redundant core and optional redundancy in access circuits Fast switching (<50ms) in case of disruption
  • Premium quality ensured through monitoring and SLAs (bandwidth, fault handling, delivery)
Seamless scalability
& flexibility
  • Wide range of access options: bandwidth-guaranteed Colt circuits, KDDI circuits, best-effort Hikari circuits, etc.
  • Service delivery in as few as 10 days if high-capacity circuits are already installed
  • Broadband-ready access links (up to 1Gbps or 10Gbps) allow for easy bandwidth scaling without physical servicing
Built for cloud
  • Dedicated connection to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure bypasses the internet and provides stable cloud access
  • Fast up/downscaling of bandwidth as needed
  • Continually expanding network of routes and data centres deliver more and more high bandwidth access options