Japan Music Data Co., Ltd.

Japan Music Data Co., Ltd. adopts low latency, high-bandwidth Colt Ethernet Line 1Gbps to connect IT infrastructure on Microsoft Azure.

With Colt’s quality service and high-performance network, we were able to improve overall performance of our backbone system significantly, particularly with respect to handling mass quantities of music and video data. Furthermore, the increased efficiency has given us the freedom to optimize our human resources and reduce TCO.
Hirokazu Watanabe
Japan Music Data Co., Ltd

Japan Music Data Co., Ltd.

Japan Music Data Co., Ltd. was established to support the sales and promotion of music products with the cooperation and support of record companies that are members of the Recording Industry Association of Japan. We provide promotional materials through eCATS (an entertainment catalogue service), music sampling source data, album artwork, and other materials produced by recording companies to music retailers and e-commerce sites. Following our mission of “supporting the music and video industry with IT”, we plan to develop a database of all music and video products sold in Japan to provide services that satisfy all types of consumers.

Our Business Challenge

In the past, we had our own array of approximately 50 servers, including a main database for music/video data on premises. But due to the everincreasing volumes of data, we decided it would be better to migrate to the cloud on Microsoft Azure considering increasing costs and human resource requirements. In order to manage these large data volumes, we needed a secure, low-latency, and high-bandwidth connectivity environment.

Why Colt

Japan Music Data handles more than 440,000 music titles and 4.8 million music tracks with an additional infl ow of 15,000 music titles each year. To manage this much data, we looked at multiple network providers to see which one met our requirements. In the end, we selected Colt for their low-latency, high-bandwidth network that also provides very competitive price-toperformance.

Future plans

Our goal is to continue to help users get the product information they’re looking for quickly and accurately. Colt Ethernet Line is helping us maintain this mission and we look forward to Colt’s continued support in the future.

Colt solution

Colt Ethernet Line / Hub & Spoke →

Colt Ethernet Line/Hub & Spoke is a next-generation Ethernet platform solution with a proven performance track record in the financial sector. Its carrier-grade circuits and ultra-low latency is the ideal solution for meeting high-bandwidth requirements and connectivity with cloud environments and data centres.

Ultra low latency
Colt’s expertise in optimizing fibre routes and network topology come from a long history in serving the financial sector. With the implementation of high-performance network devices and efficient traffic engineering, ultra-lowlatency network services are ready to serve data-intensive applications in a variety of industries.

High flexibility and scalability
Bandwidth is scalable without requiring physical reconfiguration, since 1Gbps or 10Gpbs access link capacity is already pre-wired for all customers. Service activation is possible in as few as 10 business days even for 10Gbps connections and higher if the appropriate network terminal device already exists.

High quality
Colt offers end-to-end guaranteed bandwidth over access circuits that can be configured for full redundancy. In case of disruption, traffic is switched automatically to a back-up. High-quality service is guaranteed with service level agreements (SLAs) for availability, bandwidth, troubleshooting and delivery.