Jorudan adopts Colt's (formerly KVH’s) onestop solution private cloud as the platform for its feature application, “Route Finder”.

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The context and content of this document are about KVH Co., Ltd. prior to joining Colt Group S.A.

Colt provides the bedrock from which we launch our core products and services. Their one-stop IT solution has enabled us to be more cost-efficient and save resources that would have gone towards operations management. We look forward to the continued support and outstanding services of Colt as a trusted partner in delivering our leading-edge ICT technology.
– Sachiko Yamanoi
Head of Planning & Development
Jorudan Co.,Ltd.

Jorudan Co.,Ltd.

Jorudan Co.,Ltd. is a content and service provider for desktop and mobile phone platforms. One of its biggest software applications is Norikae Annai, which approximately 15 million users access on a monthly basis to identify and calculate transportation routes, fares, ETAs, and more on the fly. Recent additions include a restaurant finder and other travel-related enhancements. Like Jorudan’s other offerings, Norikae Annai is a content-rich service that leverages the latest in ICT technology.

Jorudan’s Business Challenge

With vendor support coming to an end for the previous system that hosted their services, Jorudan was faced with the choice of a linear upgrade or a platform revamp. Opting for the former would have involved significant costs, especially if they were to continue paying for ownership of hardware and the accompanying maintenance expenses. A more cost-effective – and secure – solution was needed.

Reason for Selecting Colt Services

Jorudan has been a Colt customer since 2008, utilizing a variety of our offerings and solutions, including Colt Tokyo Data Center (TDC1), managed services, hardware, and internet access since 2008. Their satisfaction with the quality, delivery and execution of our services and support heavily influenced the decision to go with Colt Private Cloud for their crown-jewel application. Colt Private Cloud matched Jorudan’s in-house system in terms of security and allowed them to outsource implementation, operation, and monitoring without sacrificing ease-of-use. This seamless process also made it unnecessary for them to alter their network configuration. All of this, along with Colt’s 24/7 support desk, has given Jorudan the freedom to focus more resources on their core business. And finally, the cost efficiency of Colt’s cloud solution has resulted in an improved bottom line to go along with the improved business model.

Colt Solutions

Colt Private Cloud

is a highly secure and independent private cloud environment designed in accordance with customer requirements without setup fees. Colt provides all equipment including servers, storage, switches, and racks in addition to handling installation, operation, and maintenance. Customers can also reconfigure resources to their liking with Colt Turbine, Colt’s cloud orchestration system.

Ether-MAN Plus

is an optimized network service for corporate networks and combines the reliability of a leased line service with the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of wide-area Ethernet. Delivered over Colt’s fiber-optic network, Colt Ether-MAN Plus provides market-leading transmission speeds which have given Colt the distinction of being the lowest latency network in metropolitan Japan.

Ether-MAN EX

is a Japan-wide multipoint-to-multipoint connectivity solution based on Ethernet Private LAN service (E-LAN) / Ethernet Virtual Private LAN service (EVP-LAN) that enables you to connect multiple locations through a simple Ethernet interface.

Colocation service at TDC1

provide secure, high-performance, high-availability environments for your infrastructure and information assets. Colt owns and operates data center facilities in Asia’s key business hubs, including Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Busan, Korea, and extends its reach throughout Europe and the US via high-quality partner facilities to deliver premium colocation services on a global scale.

Colt Colocation

Colt Managed Services

provide customers with configuration design, equipment rental (both within Colt facilities and at customer sites), installation and setup of equipment, management, monitoring, incident handling, etc.

Managed Services

Colt Internet Access

offers flexible options and pricing in accordance with customer needs. It is available as a bandwidth-guaranteed or besteffort service ranging from 1Mbps to 10Gbps with fixed or usage-based billing.

Colt Internet Access

Future Plans for Jorudan:

Since the revamp of Jorudan’s IT infrastructure, the company’s operations have been running both trouble-free and hassle-free. Their engineers have shifted focus away from IT maintenance to the enhancement and creation of services that will expand their customer base.