NEC Nets SI Corporation selects Colt (formerly KVH) etherXEN Private Line 1Gbps and SmartGiga 1Gbps for backbone network

The context and content of this document are about KVH Co., Ltd. prior to joining Colt Group S.A.

With KVH, we can offer premium quality (low latency) with outstanding value for money, as well as network diversity to our end users. By incorporating
1Gbps etherXEN in the core of the end-user backbone network, we can reduce workloads and achieve necessary operational stability.– Tatsuya Hayashida
System Manager, Cloud Implementation
New Solution Promotion Division
NEC Nets SI Corporation

NEC Nets SI Corporation

NEC Nets SI’s network systems exist to connect people, businesses and society seamlessly, combining self-constructed infrastructure coupled with strong customer support. NEC Nets SI’s total system solutions provide communications systems and high-speed networks, along with measures to ensure safety and security, and run energy-saving, eco-friendly facilities. All of this contributes to creating an optimized environment to support customers’ business growth.

NEC Nets SI Corporation’s business challenge

NEC needed to furnish a system that would enable end users to both reduce costs and provide more optimized performance. They also wanted to avoid sacrificing quality or stability, and at the same time avoid any drastic changes to their current connectivity environment. Finally, end users needed the ability to connect in conformity with the same WAN environment used by the larger group entities.

Why Colt

Colt was selected on the basis of

  1. low pricing
  2. a wealth of experience in providing low- latency networks, and
  3. backbone network stability coupled with redundancy protection. Colt also provides a single point of contact for operations, further reducing customer burden.

Future plans

NEC Nets SI plans to replace sections in its metropolitan connectivity area with Colt circuits to reduce cost further, improve latency and maintain stability.

Colt Solution

etherXEN Private Line

etherXEN Private Line is a next-generation Ethernet platform aimed at simplifying cloud and data centre connectivity and meeting expanding demand for bandwidth with carrier-grade quality and ultra-low latency honed through Colt’s years of experience in serving the financial industry.
etherXEN Private Line

Customer Benefits

Colt’s fibre routes and network topology have been optimized by leveraging expertise and experience from serving the financial services sector. These ultra low latency networks are characterized by high performance network devices and efficient traffic engineering.

Since access-link capacity of 1Gbps or 10Gbps is pre-provisioned to all customers, bandwidth can be easily changed. If circuit terminal equipment is already installed, service may be provisioned in as few as 10 business days even for 1Gbps or higher broadband circuits.

Fully redundant core circuits and optional redundancy in access circuits facilitates end-to-end guaranteed bandwidth and fast switching in case of disruption. Premium quality is ensured through SLAs on availability, bandwidth, fault handling and service delivery.