Sakura Internet Inc.

Internet Data Centre Operator Selects Colt 10Gbps Leased Line for Cloud Platform

SAKURA Internet Inc. chose 10Gbps Dedicated Ethernet Service to connect multiple data centre sites and support its cloud services offering.

Colt Solution

Colt Dedicated Ethernet Service

The context and content of this document are about KVH Co., Ltd. prior to joining Colt Group S.A.

Colt has maintained a superior level of service quality, and has allowed our operation engineers to rest assured with 100% uptime over the past year.
– Kazuhiro Nishimura, Leader, Backbone Operations Infrastructure strategy, SAKURA Internet Inc.

About SAKURA Internet

SAKURA Internet is a data centre operator based in Chuo-ku, Osaka, owning data centres and the largest and fastest backbone network in Japan. SAKURA Internet provides services ranging from rental servers leased at 125 yen per month, to dedicated servers, cloud solutions and housing services supporting the business needs of large-scale network businesses and enterprises. Its technological strength gained from in-house development and company owned data centres has enabled SAKURA Internet to provide high quality services at reasonable cost, earning them a solid reputation among both individual and corporate customers. Internet content providers, in particular, have supported the business strongly, contributing to its steady growth, even during the economic downturn. In 2011, SAKURA Internet opened one of the largest data centres in Japan, the “Ishikari Data Centre”. This facility employs advanced power consumption reduction technologies such as an outdoor air cooling system that takes full advantage of Hokkaido’s microthermal climate. This uses cold air outside to cool electronic appliances, which improves energy efficiency and significantly reduces cooling costs. Consequently, this is becoming a popular DR/BCP site.

SAKURA Internet’s Business Challenge

As SAKURA Internet’s cloud solutions business grew, its network traffic increased at the same rate, generating a need for network platform expansion. Since its data centres are distributed across the metropolitan Tokyo area, a broadband network was needed to connect these sites within the shortest possible lead time.

Reason for Selecting Colt Services

Carrier diversity was the key to maintaining high service quality while expanding its network. Colt 10Gbps Ethernet Leased Line was an optimal choice with three main benefits.
Firstly, having five 10Gbps broadband leased lines connect the data centres spread across Tokyo to their Otemachi POP (Point of Presence) provided a secure and stable infrastructure environment, resolving insufficient bandwidth issues due to increases in traffic. A broadband connection enabled them to handle rapid increases in traffic during peak access periods.

Secondly, KVH maintains high standards in service quality and provide highly competitive network quality. The redundant configuration combining Colt’s fibre network and services from other carriers achieved 100% uptime over the past year, relieving operation engineers from the burden and stress related to managing periods of downtime.

Lastly, the solution was made available within a short lead time, with the delivery flexibly adjusted to their infrastructure implementation schedule. Colt’s one-stop solution enabled the implementation and operation of a high performance network at reasonable cost.

Colt Solution

KVH delivered a 10Gbps Dedicated Ethernet service with the configuration shown below. SAKURA Internet’s environment was optimised to satisfy their specific needs. The point-to-point broadband network solution, designed for large data transmissions, delivered a stable infrastructure supporting SAKURA Internet’s cloud solution.

Colt Dedicated Ethernet Service

Dedicated bandwidth services allow each customer to have stable connectivity and high security, with the network infrastructure being completely independent from other users’ traffic. KVH Dedicated Ethernet Service is offered in a range of bandwidths and interfaces. Its high level of service quality is ensured by guaranteed bandwidth and SLAs. Single and dual access network options are provided to support various customer needs. This service is ideal for cloud platforms connecting multiple data centres or real time remote transmission of large amounts of data. It is supported 24 x 7 by bilingual experts who constantly monitor the network to ensure sound operation of customers’ IT infrastructure.

Colt Dedicated Ethernet Service

Future Plans for SAKURA Internet

Network traffic at SAKURA Internet’s Ishikari Data Centre in Hokkaido is increasing as more customers choose this facility as their DR site. As the traffic is expected to increase even further, a plan is underway to review the network configuration between SAKURA data centres to handle this growing traffic as well as Big Data, with the potential to implement 100Gbps connectivity in the future. Another objective is to improve network service quality to retain its high standards in service quality and customer satisfaction, while expanding its range of customers.