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etherXEN for AWS: Colt Cloud Connectivity Service for Partners

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etherXEN for AWS

The context and content of this document are about KVH Co., Ltd. prior to joining Colt Group S.A.

With Colt, we can now offer high-quality, low-priced private connectivity to AWS for our end users. With a wealth of experience serving the finance industry, Colt offers stable and reliable connectivity, and our customers are quite satisfied. In recent years, in step with the rising demand for cloud services, Colt has earned the trust of customers and become an indispensable business partner.Kei Iwashita
Manager, Solution Sales Division
SECOM Trust Systems Co., Ltd.

About SECOM Trust Systems Co., Ltd.

SECOM Trust Systems Co., Ltd. implements and manages IT and network systems for the SECOM Group, and develops advanced services based on their accumulated skills, expertise and know-how. These services and others are provided through “SECOM Secure” data centers, which combine the high security of SECOM and the latest in technology, backed by robust technical skills and 24×7 support. “Features-as-a-service” are offered through SECOM Cloud to meet customer requirements and help create value. Additionally, high-quality services are available to ensure customer business continuity. SECOM is a company trusted by customers to provide services which are secure, safe and easy to use.

The Business Challenge

At one point, SECOM Trust Systems experienced an incident where one of their Amazon Web Services (AWS)-connected end users suffered downtime when both their main and backup internet VPN circuits went dark due to internet failure. The incident resulted in significant disruption to their business and spurred SECOM to find more reliable and stable connectivity.

Why Colt

Colt submitted a proposal including a comparison of dedicated AWS connectivity services versus other carriers. SECOM’s decision to select Colt’s proposal was based on ① Colt’s wealth of experience in offering stable and reliable network services to financial companies and ② Colt’s low pricing. With Colt etherXEN for AWS as a main circuit and the legacy internet VPN as backup for redundancy, SECOM now had a high-quality, cost-controlled solution. 100Mbps private connectivity provided high security, stability, and eliminated internet-based problems of the past. Additionally, the switch to Colt was a seamless experience and SECOM also expressed a high level of satisfaction with throughput.

Future Plans

SECOM hopes to strengthen its partnership with Colt by proposing Colt connectivity services to its end users and collaborate with Colt on security, which is a primary focal point for SECOM with regards to offering added value to its solutions.

Colt etherXEN and Cloud Access Solutions

Top-Quality Connectivity to AWS

High-performance, high-security connectivity to AWS is bedrocked on Colt’s private network, thereby nullifying the inconsistencies of internet-based solutions.

SECOM Case Study: etherXEN for AWS

etherXEN for AWS

etherXEN for AWS is a dedicated Ethernet-based service that connects directly to AWS Direct Connect over a private network. AWS Direct Connect is an Amazon Web Services platform through which private networks can directly interface with Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC), etc. through Amazon’s data centers. Colt is a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN), providing low-cost, highly reliable, and secure connectivity, free from the inconsistencies of internet-based solutions.
etherXEN for AWS

  • High Stability and Security
    Colt etherXEN for AWS offers a secure environment for businesses by connecting to AWS through a dedicated network instead of the internet. By minimising signal degradation and delay, Colt is able to provide a highly secure and stable network.
  • Ultra Low Latency and High Reliability
    Low latency and stable AWS connectivity are realised through Colt’s highly reliable, ultra low latency network utilised by mission-critical applications of financial service providers. Redundancy in the entire core backbone and optional redundancy in access circuits ensures end-to-end guaranteed bandwidth, as well as high-speed switching (≤ 50ms) in case of disruption.
  • Cost Savings
    Colt etherXEN for AWS optimises your cloud network infrastructure by providing a cost-effective and seamless connection to the Amazon cloud environment.
  • High Scalability and Flexibility
    Assuming there is already an installed circuit terminal device, service can be provisioned in as few as 10 business days. Bandwidth can also be easily upgraded without physical equipment changes at the customer site, since access link capacity of 1Gbps or 10Gbps is pre-provisioned. In addition to ensuring quick and cost-effective ways of addressing the dynamic bandwidth needs of AWS, etherXEN supports additional features such as reporting of traffic, latency and jitter.