SMS Co., Ltd.

Medical and nursing care provider, SMS Co., Ltd., calls upon Colt (formerly KVH) for IT infrastructure

The context and content of this document are about KVH Co., Ltd. prior to joining Colt Group S.A.

Aging populations are a rising concern, not just in Japan, but in many Asian countries. In order to meet the needs of coming generations, we must take action now that will allow us to provide top-notch services at competitive prices and become the undisputed #1 provider throughout Asia. We’re counting on Colt’s support in this endeavorKiichi Murata
Group Leader, Infrastructure Architecture Group
IT Systems Division
SMS Co., Ltd.

SMS Co., Ltd.

SMS Co., Ltd. (“SMS”) provides job recruitment, employment data, and placement services for medical and nursing care professionals. They also provide administrative support for service providers and community management services through its network of websites. SMS is the only company in Japan to provide such comprehensive services in the industry. Their archive of infrastructure data related to the elderly/elderly care is also invaluable not just to businesses, but to society in general. Their job site, “Nurse Jinzai Bank”, accounts for two thirds of the nursing industry in terms of both number of registrants and successful job placements, which is tops in Japan. SMS’s SaaS-based nursing care insurance claim system, “Kaipoke”, has aided numerous small-to-mid-scale nursing care operators in improving business efficiency through technology. SMS has also started to focus on global markets, targeting active senior communities.

SMS’s Business Challenge

In 2012, SMS needed to expand their IT infrastructure to keep up with their growth. Rack space shortages and increasing power needs were suppressing their ability to interlink with external services, especially cloud-based offerings. They needed to outsource to improve operational efficiency and needed a more capable data center to provide scalable resources.

Why Colt

Colt’s one-stop solution, superior quality, and high cost-efficiency made the decision much easier for SMS. At Colt Tokyo Data Center 1, SMS was able to secure scalable rack space and power capacity, greatly boosting their efficiency. The fact that Colt’s goals also included major global expansion helped convince SMS that Colt would be a good strategic long-term partner. SMS’s corporate systems now operate on a highly flexible architecture supported by Colt’s highly touted remote hands service.

Looking Forward

SMS services are offered in 11 Asian countries, including Japan. SMS expects to expand its international business further and back this growth with a BCP (Business Continuity Planning) program, increased colocation rack space, and any-to-any connectivity provided by Colt’s next-generation Ethernet platform, etherXEN.

Colt Solution

Colt offers a robust and scalable colocation environment for SMS devices at Colt Tokyo Data Center 1 (TDC1). Colt’s all-in-one solution includes Internet access for SMS members, Colt VoiceLINE IP (VOIP) for SMS call centers, and EtherMAN Plus® private line service configured redundantly.

Colt Solution Diagram

Colocation Service (Colt TDC1)

Colt TDC1 is a robust, urban data center specifically designed for the mission-critical needs of the financial industry, providing reliability and security compliant with international standards (FISC, ISMS, SAS70). Bilingual on-site engineers ensure operational stability 24×7 in an optimum environment for servers. Expert engineers provide on-demand technical support and are ever ready to head off any potential service disruption.Colt Colocation Services

Ether-MAN Plus – Leased Line Service

Ether-MAN Plus® is a highly reliable low-latency Ethernet-based service with guaranteed bandwidth. With the reliability of a dedicated line and the flexibility of a wide area Ethernet service, it is the ideal foundation for a corporate network. Colt’s private line services feature point-to-point bandwidth-guaranteed connectivity to carry mission-critical data with high reliability comparable to a leased line.Ether-MAN PLUS – Leased Line Service

Colt Internet Access Service

As a leading Japanese ISP, Colt offers both physical circuits and access services in IPv4 and IPv6 implementations. Flexible service options and pricing plans are available to meet customers’ business requirements. Bandwidth is available from 1Mbps to 10Gbps on a guaranteed or best-effort basis. Both fixed and usage-based billing plans are available.Colt Internet Access Service

Colt VoiceLINE IP (VoIP) Service

Colt VoiceLINE Service is a high-quality voice service used in conjuction with the customer’s PBX. It offers inbound/outbound international and domestic calls to landlines, mobile phones and IP phones. It offers the ideal voice service for customers in the Kanto and Kansai areas based on their unique requirements (usage,scale, pricing, etc.). With VoiceLINE IP, customers may use phone numbers assigned by Colt or may continue to use current NTT ISDN/analog phone numbers with the number portability system.Colt VoiceLINE IP (VoIP) Service