Softbrain Co., Ltd

By combining e-Sales Manager Remix Cloud, our sales force automation system,and Colt’s secure network services, we’re able to provide secure CRM/SFA services that earn high satisfaction marks from our users. Our partnership with Colt has given us a stronger, more positive outlook on addressing the needs of our customer base.

Kazuhiro Miyazawa
General Manager
Customer Support Solutions
Development Division

About Softbrain Co., Ltd.

At Softbrain, we provide e-Sales Manager Remix Cloud, a sales assistance system, as a business solution to our customers, comprising more than 4,000 enterprises. The easy-to-use, general-purpose system supports the unique needs of salespeople in Japanese enterprises and is used widely in various business sectors. Furthermore, our consultants provide support to customers to help them successfully install, implement, and use the system.

Softbrain’s business challenges

With e-Sales Manager Remix Cloud, when end users needed a private network, they had to select network providers and negotiate work schedules with vendors separately. Due to a lack of specialization in networks, our users ended up having to sign a contract with 3rd-party network providers. However, coordinating agreements between three parties is cumbersome and often were are gaps in understanding regarding the scope of responsibility between three parties, creating additional work and cost on top of delayed schedules and hampered system availability.

Why Colt

In order to fill the gap in network expertise, we needed to find a partner. With Colt, you get access to network services both low in cost and high in reliability. Furthermore, they provide good support. With comprehensive support for network services, Colt is able to fulfil the role of being a single point of contact for circuit installation – including consultation and installation of managed devices. This arrangement has enabled us to focus on rolling out e-Sales Manager Remix Cloud and the resulting efficiency has translated to high satisfaction among our users. We were already acquainted with what we were getting from Colt through the services they provide for our corporate infrastructure. This was a key factor in our selection.

Future plans

With many of our end users in the financial services and insurance sectors, high network reliability is a must. We will continue to offer more high-security services with our combination of e-Sales Manager Remix Cloud delivered over Colt’s network. We will also develop and expand new solutions leveraging the strengths of our two companies.

Colt solution

etherXEN for AWS

  • etherXEN for AWS connects users and their compute environments to Amazon Web Services over bandwidth-guaranteed Ethernet.
  • etherXEN for AWS uses a private network without going through the internet, thereby providing a secure and high performance connection to AWS.
etherXEN Multi-Connect
  • etherXEN Multi-Connect is a Layer 2 Ethernet connectivity service for your buildings and data centre that provides high bandwidth needed to support the burgeoning needs of todays IT systems and cloud-based data. Combined with low cost of service, etherXEN Multi-Connect also contributes to a much healthier TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for enterprises looking to grow into the future.
  • Nationwide coverage in Japan through Colt and partner data centres provide a wealth of expanding access options, including Colt access, KDDI access, and Hikari access. Multi-cloud access for Amazon web services and Microsoft Azure is also supported, even through a single access point.