UNIADEX connects to the cloud with etherXEN for AWS

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etherXEN for AWS

The context and content of this document are about KVH Co., Ltd. prior to joining Colt Group S.A.

Through KVH, we are able to offer our end users both speed and security, as well as low pricing for network access circuits. We look forward to expanding our strategic partnership with KVH, an organization that has proven itself with solid experience in serving the financial industry and high-quality IT in etherXEN. Yanaba Masaaki
Group Manager
Network Development/Cloud & Data Center Management Department
Strategy Division

About UNIADEX, Ltd.

Uniadex applies a variety of virtualised solutions and technologies in order to improve data centre efficiency, office efficiency, integrated tele-commuting systems, and disaster recovery support. Server integration, virtualisation, WAN/LAN/wireless, storage, cloud, SaaS, GPS, security compliance, quarantine, system administration, product lifecycle management, business continuity, internet, green IT, infrastructure implementation, overseas incident management, and more are all part of the companyʼs offerings. Whether itʼs consulting, planning, implementation, administration, or maintenance, Uniadex handles everything from top to bottom.

UNIADEX’s Business Challenge

Previously, Uniadex had been running an employment/recruiting service on hardware that was self-built and maintained. But the recurring costs of keeping it in-house led them to seek a solution that had lower overhead, but with greater performance. The cloud was a natural solution and AWSʼs computing environment presented a clear cost/performance advantage. The only missing piece was secure connectivity that offered the same benefit of low cost coupled with high performance.

Why Colt (formerly KVH)

Even compared to other candidates that Uniadex was considering, Colt stood out as unique due to ownership of circuits combined with low pricing and short lead times. In addition to having built up a strong reputation for excellent service in the financial industry, Coltʼs swift response to requests won the trust of Uniadex.

Future Plans

Having acquired a dedicated access circuit to AWS with standout quality and extremely competitive pricing, Uniadex plans to strengthen its partnership with Colt to further offer its users services backed by Coltʼs highly reliable, low-latency connectivity.

Cloud Access Solutions: Colt etherXEN

Top-Quality Connectivity to AWS

Bypassing the internet with a private network allows for a highly secure connection to AWS with outstanding performance.

UNIADEX Case Study: etherXEN for AWS

etherXEN for AWS

etherXEN for AWS is a dedicated Ethernet-based service that connects directly to AWS Direct Connect over a private network. AWS Direct Connect is an Amazon Web Services platform through which private networks can directly interface with Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC), etc. through Amazonʼs data centres. Colt is a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN), providing low-cost, highly reliable, and secure connectivity, free from the inconsistencies of internet-based solutions.
etherXEN for AWS

  • High Stability and Security
    By avoiding inherent signal degradation in internet connections, etherXEN for AWS is able to provide businesses with the security and stability needed to operate.
  • Ultra Low Latency and High Reliability
    Low latency and stable AWS connectivity is realised with Coltʼs ultra-low latency and highly reliable network that caters to the mission-critical applications of financial service providers. Redundancy in the entire core backbone and optional redundancy in access circuits ensures end-to-end guaranteed bandwidth and high-speed switching within 50msec in case of disruption.
  • Cost Savings
    Colt etherXEN for AWS optimises your cloud network infrastructure by providing a cost-effective and seamless connection to your Amazon cloud environment. You can avoid significant upfront capital expenditures as you take advantage of existing Colt network infrastructure, thereby reducing your overall AWS network costs.
  • High Scalability and Flexibility
    As circuit terminal equipment is already installed, service can be provisioned in as few as 10 business days. Bandwidth can also be easily upgraded without changing the interface or equipment at your site, as access link capacity of 1Gbps or 10Gbps is pre-provisioned. In addition to ensuring quick and cost-effective ways of addressing the dynamic bandwidth needs of AWS, etherXEN also support additional features such as reporting of traffic, latency, and jitter.