Xseed Co., Ltd.

Colt selected to connect Xseed’s cloud-based payment system with etherXEN for Azure

Colt Solution

etherXEN for AzureManaged Network Services

Colt’s highly reliable, secure, and dedicated connectivity to Azure was the answer to our end users’ requirements. In partnership with Colt, we were able to successfully implement an online payment system containing confidential data for our customers. This has given us the confidence to expand business further.

Satoru Takebayashi
Director, Chief Operating Officer
Xseed Co., Ltd.

Xseed Co., Ltd.

Xseed is a system integrator specializing in design, implementation, and administration of its customers’ IT environments, leveraging advanced virtualisation and operations technology as well as deep knowledge and expertise in open source. Xseed provides value-added services to support increasing demands for system implementation, management and security both in the public cloud and for on-premise IT. Helping customers build robust business infrastructures to create new value while contributing to society is Xseed’s overarching mission.

Xseed’s business challenge

In order to securely connect their end users to Microsoft Azure, Xseed sought dedicated connectivity. They needed a solution which was high in quality and stability. Furthermore, they needed the solution to be operational within a short period of time to fit into their tight timeline.

Why Colt

Not only does Colt supply bandwidth-guaranteed network services as direct connectivity for Azure, no other supplier was able to meet Xseed’s short delivery deadlines. The ability to meet these deadlines was key in Xseed’s choice of supplier, as was Colt’s extensive experience and expertise in serving financial-industry organizations. Furthermore, Colt was able to provide superior value vs. cost.

Future Plans

In collaboration with Colt’s cloud connectivity, Xseed is now in a position to offer users comprehensive solutions. Xseed is also looking forward to continuing this partnership and creating new business opportunities to expand their cloud business.

Colt Solution

Colt solution diagram for Xseed: Connect to Azure over bandwidth-guaranteed Ethernet

etherXEN for Azure

etherXEN for Azure links you to Azure via ExpressRoute, a closed network connectivity service by Microsoft on the Equinix Cloud Exchange by Equinix Japan. Connect your computing environment and Microsoft Azure with bandwidth-guaranteed Ethernet. With a private network that bypasses the internet, your company can benefit from a high-performance, high-security connection to Azure. Stability is ensured with a dual-circuit (at minimum) connection to provide full redundancy between your site and Azure.

  • Secure and Stable Network
    Colt provides a private network connection to the cloud, bypassing public internet and delivering the security that your business demands. With a dedicated private network connection and guaranteed bandwidth, Colt Cloud Connectivity Services offers a consistent and stable network experience above and beyond internet-based connections.
  • Cost Reduction
    Colt Cloud Connectivity Services optimises your cloud network infrastructure by providing a cost-effective and seamless connection to your cloud environment. Avoid large upfront capital expenditures and take advantage of existing Colt network infrastructure, thereby reducing overall network costs.
  • Low Latency and Highly Reliable Network
    Colt’s low latency and highly reliable network makes low-latency, stable cloud connectivity possible. This level of service quality is in high demand, especially for the mission-critical applications of our financial-industry customers. Redundancy in the entire core backbone and optional redundancy in access circuits ensures end-to-end guaranteed bandwidth and high speed switching within 50 ms in the event of disruption.
  • Highly Scalable and Flexible
    As circuit terminal equipment is already installed, service can be operational within as few as 10 business days. Bandwidth can also be easily upgraded without changing the interface or equipment at the customer’s site, as access link capacity of 1Gbps or 10Gbps is already provided. In addition to ensuring quick and cost effective ways of addressing dynamic bandwidth needs, Colt Cloud Connectivity Services also supports additional features such as reporting of traffic, latency, and jitter.

Colt Managed Services

Colt Managed Services provide customers with configuration design, equipment rental (both within Colt facilities and at customer sites), installation and setup of equipment, management, monitoring, incident handling, etc.