Prevention of Fraudulent Use of Voice Calls by Third Parties

Prevention of Fraudulent Use of Voice Calls by Third Parties

Date: 18-November-2016
Colt Technology Services Co., Ltd.

We are experiencing increased cases where customers’ facilities (IP-PBX, etc) are manipulated fraudulently by third parties to make unauthorised international calls and exorbitant bills are sent to the customers.

We have seen the following two types of frauds, and we ask customers to check again the connectivity environment from external parties and take precaution to prevent unauthorised access by third parties.

Type of fraud 1: Access to customer’s facilities via the Internet
Connect with customer’s facilities (IP-PBX, etc) over the Internet and make fraudulent calls spoofing as a house phone.

Type of fraud 2: Fraudulent access to customer’s facilities through external line
Connect with customer’s facilities from outside, crack a password and make fraudulent outbound calls.

Precautionary Measures
  • If you allow access to the IP-PBX, etc via the Internet, ensure that tight security measures are in place to prevent fraudulent access.
  • Make sure that access passwords to IP-PBX, etc (passwords for system administrators and passwords to connect externally) are not easy to crack, and be sure to change passwords periodically.
    (With regard to the above two points, please discuss with your supplier and/or maintenance vendor of the facilities and take necessary precautionary measures.)
  • Keep and store access logs to the customer’s facilities and check if there is any unauthorised access.
  • If you do no make international calls, configure your facilities so that no international outbound calls may be made. Colt can also block outbound international calls upon your request.

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