Colt Korea Data Centre 1 (KRDC1)

Korea Data Centre 1 (KRDC1) offers an ICT platform purposely built to fulfil the mission critical requirements of the Korean financial industry. This data centre is located in very close proximity to KRX’s derivative market matching engine, creating an alternative in accessing this trading system and serving as an ideal location for latency-sensitive traders.

Key Features

KRX Proximity Colocation Solutions

  • The closest proximity colocation solution to Korea Exchange (KRX)
  • Complete ultra low latency trading environment

Disaster Recovery Colocation Services

  • Very high seismic resistance with consideration for geoscape and distance from faults
  • Highly cost-efficient solution (e.g. leveraging lower electricity costs in Korea, approximately half that of Japan)
  • End-to-end network services between Japan and KRDC1

Managed Infrastructure Services

  • Includes system onboarding and ongoing infrastructure management and operation

Global Low Latency Connectivity

  • Ultra low-latency connectivity between KRDC1 and other major Asia-Pacific financial markets by leveraging Colt’s international POPs in Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Busan, and its extensive network in Europe and the US

Experienced Partner

  • Offered in partnership with Koscom, a leading system integrator that supports ICT infrastructure and system development for KRX

Multilingual Support

  • 24×7 multilingual support in English, Korean, and Japanese



  • Disaster recovery (DR) colocation available
  • Seismically isolated to withstand up to an intensity 6 earthquake
  • Located in Busan, Korea, 15 minutes from Busan station


  • Located adjacent to KRX’s derivative matching engine for low-latency connectivity to the trading system

Management / Monitoring

  • Multilingual operations staff on site 24×7 (Japanese, Korean, English)
  • Active monitoring and maintenance of all equipment

Power to Site

  • Two closed loop receiving system (Main: 3,000 kVA x1, Sub: 3,000 kVA x1)


  • 2N configuration

Standby Generators

  • N+1 configuration
  • Over 27 hours of fuel on site
  • Preferred refuelling contracts with suppliers


  • Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units

Fire Suppression

  • HFC-23 gas-based extinguishing systems

Smoke Detection

  • VESDA early warning system

Access Controls

  • RFID, fingerprint authentication, and CCTV systems