Colt Osaka Data Centre 2 (ODC2)

Osaka Data Centre 2 (ODC2), conveniently located in Kita-ku, Osaka City close to central Osaka, is a high-specification Tier 3+ facility with carrier-neutral network access. Offered with Colt’s full range of data centre and network services, ODC2 is an optimal primary data centre for Osaka/Kansai-based businesses, and a reliable secondary site for Tokyo-based businesses seeking geographic diversity.

Key Features

Natural Energy

  • Highly efficient facility that uses natural energies such as free cooling, outdoor air-cooling and solar energy systems to lower operating costs.
  • Green IT system certified with a PUE ratio of only 1.4

BCP Support

  • Ideal BCP site in combination with Colt data centres in other locations
  • Electric power supplied by Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.
  • Fully equipped with extensive disaster countermeasures, including seismic isolation, as well as barriers and a raised entrance floor to mitigate flooding


  • UPS and emergency power generators of (N+1) configuration
  • Generators can supply up to 48 hours of full power in the unlikely case of a power outage
  • Preferred refuelling contracts with suppliers ensure additional fuel as required


  • Bilingual Service Desk (English and Japanese) and customizable Smart Hands services to act as your eyes, hands, and feet, 24 x 7 x 365



  • SRC reinforced concrete construction, 9 floors above the ground
  • Seismic isolation with 1.5 times the seismic capacity required by the Building Standards Act


  • 11,534m² of computing space (up to 1,300 racks) for the entire building


  • High-performance connectivity using Colt’s resilient, low-latency backbone
  • Multi-carrier connectivity also available

Management and Monitoring

  • Operations staff on-site 24×7
  • Active monitoring and maintenance of all data centre equipment

Power to Site

  • High-voltage 22kV 3-circuit spot network power receiving system


  • Uninterruptible power system with (N+1) configuration

Standby Generators

  • (N+1) configuration, heavy oil standby generators
  • Over 48 hours of fuel on-site under full load; preferred refuelling contract with suppliers

Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)

  • Average annual PUE of 1.4


  • Combination of central cooling systems, free cooling systems and outdoor air cooling
  • Capping installed between each rack to separate circulation of hot and cold air and for significant energy savings

Cooling Controls

  • Precise temperature and humidity maintained via computerized under-floor flow control

Fire Suppression

  • Nitrogen-based fire-suppression system

Smoke Detection

  • Ultra-sensitive smoke detectors
  • VESDA early warning system

Water Leakage Controls

  • Water leakage sensors on every server floor, water supply, and drainage duct
  • Waterproof server rooms


  • On-site security personnel and surveillance cameras 24×7

Access Controls

  • Multi-layer physical security with biometric authentication system and ID card access systems
  • Mantraps located on each floor to prevent unauthorized access