Colt Singapore Data Centre 1 (SGDC1)

Singapore Data Centre 1 (SGDC1) is located in Jurong East, 15 minutes from the financial district, and was purposely designed to serve the mission critical needs of enterprise businesses. With Tier 3+ architecture, SGDC1 offers a leading-edge, high-specification facility with integrated colocation and IT services solutions that can be customised to meet the various demands of the financial, media, and manufacturing industries.

Key Features

High-Spec Facility in Singapore

  • Located in Jurong East, 15 minutes from the financial district
  • Tier 3+ architecture
  • Offers customizable and integrated colocation and IT services solutions

Global Low Latency Connectivity

  • Ultra low latency connectivity to the world’s key business and financial centres, leveraging Colt’s international POPs in Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore, Hong Kong, Busan, and across Europe


  • Provides 2N power redundancy
  • Dedicated dual 22 kV supply, diversely routed into building with dual external connections and dual redundant incoming switchgear


  • Compliant with global ISO and ISMS standards in security
  • Includes dual authentication access with biometric scan and keycard access controls
  • Mantraps located on each floor to prevent unauthorized access


  • Bilingual support in Japanese and English
  • Customizable Smart Hands services with experienced on-site engineers acting as your eyes, hands and feet on a 24×7 basis



  • Reinforced concrete construction, 7 floors above ground

Total Facility Space

  • 4,810m² of rackspace over 6 floors


  • High-performance connectivity using Colt’s resilient, low-latency redundant backbone
  • Multi-carrier connectivity available

Management and Monitoring

  • Bilingual operations staff on-site 24×7
  • Active monitoring and maintenance of all data center equipment

Power to Site

  • Two 22kV closed loop receiving system


  • 2N configuration

Standby Generators

  • N + 1 configuration, standby isolated power unit
  • Minimum 48 hours under full load (700,000 litres of diesel reserve and more continuous operability maintained through continuous refuelling)


  • N + 2 Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units. For accurate cooling over the entire raised floor, a fully looped condenser water cooling system on the roof provides dual-path water feeds to the computer room air-conditioners.

Cooling Controls

  • Precise temperature and humidity controlled within a pre-set range

Fire Suppression

  • Pre-action sprinkler system

Smoke detection

  • Overhead/under-floor smoke detection


  • On-site security personnel 24x7x365

Access Controls

  • Multi-layer physical security with biometric authentication system and card key
  • Mantraps located on each floor to prevent unauthorized access