Colt Tokyo Data Centre 1 (TDC1)

Colt Tokyo Data Centre 1 (TDC1) is the ideal managed hosting environment for high frequency trading participants wishing to colocate close to the Japanese exchanges. Recommended by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Tokyo Commodities Exchange, Tokyo Financial Exchange, and Osaka Securities Exchange as an official access point and proximity hosting provider, TDC1 provides tenants with an optimum low latency environment. It also offers 7,600m² of compute space within Tier 3+ architecture.

Key Features

Purpose-Built for Financial Customers

  • Close physical proximity to all major Japanese exchanges
  • An ideal location for making the fastest connections to exchanges and a full financial ecosystem of HFT participants, already on-net and only a cross-connect away

Carrier Neutral

  • Flexibility to choose from a variety of carriers


  • True 2(n+1) power redundancy
  • Two 66kV closed loop receiving systems from TEPCO
  • Power capacity:2F, 3F and 7F: Average power capacity: 750w / m², Max power: 1,500w / m²4F and 5F: Average power capacity: 850w / m², Max power: 1,700w / m²


  • Compliance with international and Japanese ISMS and SAS70 standards
  • Multilayer physical security with biometric authentication systems and mantraps on each floor
  • Security personnel onsite 24×7


  • Bilingual Service Desk (English and Japanese) and customisable Smart Hands services to act as your eyes, hands, and feet, 24x7x365




  • Reinforced Concrete Construction: B1F, Steel construction: 1F-8F
  • Anti-seismic construction designed to withstand up to an Intensity-6 earthquake on the Japanese (JMA) scale


  • DC-5 Floors: 7,950m² for racks


  • High-performance connectivity using Colt’s resilient, low-latency backbone
  • Multi-carrier connectivity also available

Management and Monitoring

  • Bilingual operations staff on-site 24×7
  • Active monitoring and maintenance of all equipment

Power to site

  • Two 66kV closed loop receiving systems from TEPCO

Power capacity

  • 2F, 3F and 7F: Average power capacity: 750w / m², Max power: 1,500w / m²
  • 4F and 5F: Average power capacity: 850w / m², Max power: 1,700w / m²


  • 2 (N+1) configuration
  • 10-minute UPS autonomy under full load

Standby Generators

  • N + 1 configuration, gas turbine
  • Capable of 48+ hours of operation under full load without refuelling
  • Guaranteed 24-hour refuelling cycle enables continuous operation for as long as necessary


  • N + 1 Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units, each with dual refrigeration compressors for accurate cooling capacity over the entire raised floor
  • Fully looped condenser water cooling system on the roof provides dual path water feeds to the computer room air-conditioners

Leak Prevention

  • Water leak sensors are installed on pipes and CRACs, and each CRAC has watertight edges and frontside drains

Cooling Controls

  • Precise temperature and controlled humidity within a pre-set range
  • Temperature setting is 22 ± 2℃, Humidity setting is 45 ± 5% RH

Fire Suppression

  • IT space is protected by an inert gas-based fire suppression system
  • Fire hydrants and extinguishers are installed in the ancillary areas

Smoke Detection

  • VESDA early warning system
  • High-sensitivity heat and smoke detectors


  • Security personnel on-site 24×7

Access Controls

  • Multi-layer physical security with biometric authentication system
  • Mantraps are located on each floor to prevent unauthorised access – doors configured to remain shut if previous set of doors is still open

*1 Colocation and wholesale services from TDC1 and TDC2
*2 TDC1 and TDC2 follow FISC Security Guidelines on Computer Systems for Banking and Related Financial