Colt Tokyo Otemachi Data Centre (TODC)

Colt’s Tokyo Otemachi Data Centre (TODC) is located in Tokyo’s central business district, providing a highly convenient and easily accessible data centre facility for businesses operating in Japan. The facility was purpose-designed to meet the high security needs of customers with mission-critical data, and meets the highest standards in security and performance.

Key Features


  • Purposely located in Japan’s central business district in Otemachi, Tokyo
  • Direct connectivity to Internet Exchanges in the Otemachi area to enable processing of large volumes of data at high speeds


  • UPS and emergency gas turbine generators in (N+1) configuration
  • 66kV closed loop receiving system
  • Fuel reserve for 72 hours of operability in case of extended blackout


  • Seismically isolated earthquake-resistant structure, allowing the building to withstand major earthquakes up to a magnitude of 7 on the Japanese Meteorological Agency seismic scale
  • Security measures correspond to Tier IV or the highest rank in accordance with the Facility Standard of the Japan Data Centre Council
  • Surveillance camera monitoring, IC card verifications, and biometric authentication systems


  • Bilingual Service Desk (English and Japanese) and customizable Smart Hands services to act as your eyes, hands, and feet, 24 x 7 x 365



  • Ground floor: Seismically isolated structure
  • Basement: Earthquake-resistant structure


  • High-performance connectivity using Colt’s resilient, low-latency backbone
  • Multi-carrier connectivity also available

Management and Monitoring

  • Bilingual operations staff (English and Japanese) on-site 24×7
  • Active monitoring and maintenance of all equipment

Power to Site

  • 66kV closed loop receiving system


  • 2000kw (N+1) configuration

Standby Generators

  • 4,500kVA (N + 1) configuration, nitrogen gas turbine
  • Reserve fuel for 72 hours of operations

Power Density

  • Minimum default density of 1.8kW critical load per m² or 6kW per rack as standard
  • 6kW per rack as a standard and up to 20kW per rack with supplemental cooling


  • (N + 1) configuration
  • Standby system for uninterrupted assurance of stabilised room temperature and humidity

Ceiling Height

  • 5,000 – 6,000 mm to ensure high air conditioning efficiency

Cooling Controls

  • Partially reinforced with an aisle capping system for the prevention of adverse temperature increase even in cases of air conditioner failure
  • Temperature setting is 23 ± 3℃, Humidity setting is 50% ± 20%

Flow-Controlled Cooling System

  • Cool air: Flooring circulated
  • Hot air: Ceiling circulated

Fire Suppression

  • Nitrogen gas-based extinguisher system

Smoke Detection

  • High-sensitivity smoke detectors


  • Security personnel on-site 24×7

Access Controls

  • ID card and biometric authentication systems
  • Surveillance cameras recording each row – footage stored for 90 days