Colocation Services

Colt Colocation Services provide secure, high-performance, high-availability environments for your infrastructure and information assets. Colt owns and operates 29 data centre facilities across Europe and in Asia’s key business hubs, including Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Busan, Korea to deliver premium colocation services on a global scale.

Offered with data centre operational services, 24×7 monitoring and reporting, and extensive security features, Colt Colocation Services allow you to save significant money, time, and resources that would otherwise be required to purchase, manage and maintain this high-quality IT infrastructure.

Some Colt colocation environments have been purposely designed to meet the high performance and security needs of the financial industry, and provide access to a rich ecosystem of financial market participants. Proximity Colocation Solutions in these locations offer financial service providers with the fastest access to Asia’s top stock exchanges via Colt’s highly reliable, ultra low latency, global network.

Customer Benefits

  • Optimised Colocation Environment

    Ideal server room environments maintained to defined temperature and humidity levels, with racks arranged in a “hot-aisle / cold-aisle” configuration and the availability of cold air containment for efficient air-conditioning

  • Highly Secure Facilities Based on Financial Industry Needs

    At least 6 layers of authentication at most Colt data centres in Asia from outside into the server room using man-traps, non-contact security cards, PIN codes and biometric authentication devices, as well as 24×7 surveillance cameras and security personnel

  • Redundant Connectivity

    Carrier-neutral facilities, offering customers a variety of connectivity options with multiple entry points into the main distribution frames (MDF)

  • Total Data Centre Solutions

    Available in combination with an extensive set of DC operational services and managed services, allowing you to outsource all your data needs to a single vendor

  • Support for Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

    Highly reliable and secure data centre and network facilities, offered with Colt’s Professional Services, ensuring a customised BCP solution to address the exact needs and concerns of your business and future-proof your data against natural disasters or severe security breaches