Colt NetXpress

Colt NetXpress® is a private and secure IP VPN service, enabling seamless integration of multiple services including network, cloud, managed IT, data centre, and Internet services. With its cloud-centric architecture and Japan-wide coverage, Colt NetXpress® allows customers, using a single integrated access circuit, to access private and public cloud services and a host of different services such as

  • Colt Private Cloud Services
  • Internet Access (Shared / Dedicated)
  • Other Colt Managed Services
  • VPN (Virtual Private network) which supports Japan nation-wide coverage

Customer Benefits

  • Secure & Reliable

    NetXpress® is build on Colt’s highly resilient and secure network and data centre solutions and you can be rest assured that NetXpress®’ standards meet and exceed that of your organisation’s security and reliability requirements. With our extensive experience in catering to the high reliability and security standards of the financial industry, you can entrust us with your mission critical network needs.

  • Wide Service Coverage & Flexible Options

    Using a single integrated access circuit, NetXpress® enables you to access wide variety of services such as data centres, private and public cloud solutions and managed IT, with the flexibility to add more services. With Japan-wide coverage and with various service options to choose from, including bandwidth, resilience configuration, access option and QoS, our flexible solution design and delivery methods ensure that customer-specific requirements and scenarios are correctly addressed.

  • Reduce Cost

    NetXpress® optimizes your IT infrastructure by seamlessly integrating diverse system components required for enterprise IT environments, and reduces your total cost of ownership with highly scalable and economical network solutions. By using Colt NetXpress® customers can cost efficiently access the Internet and enterprise applications running over both private cloud and public cloud environments. This scalable solution enables you to add new services seamlessly, without having to provision individual circuits for each of these additional services.


Specification NetXpress Access
(Colt Access)
NetXpress Access
(Colocation Access)
NetXpress Access
(KDDI Access)
NetXpress Access
(NTT Flet’s Access)
Circuit Type Bandwidth-guaranteed Access Circuit Bandwidth-guaranteed Access Circuit KDDI Access circuit
(KDDI Powered Ethernet)
100M Best-effort Access Circuit
Service Area Colt Service Metros: Tokyo, Yokohama, Chiba, Saitama, Osaka Colt Data Centres in Japan Japan Nationwide Japan Nationwide
Service Interface
10BASE-T: 10M
100BASE-TX: 100M
1000BASE-SX / LX / T: 300M, 500M, 1000M
10BASE-T: 10M
100BASE-TX: 100M
1000BASE-SX / LX / T: 1000M
10BASE-T: 1M, 2M, 3M, 4M, 5M, 6M, 7M, 8M, 10M
100BASE-TX: 20M, 30M, 40M, 50M, 60M, 70M, 80M, 100M
100BASE-TX: Best Effort

Service Availability, Fault Handling, Bandwidth, Service Delivery

*The above SLA is for general reference purposes only. Colt shall be bound to the applicable SLA set out in the service contract agreed between Colt and its customer.

Colt NetXpress