Monitoring & Reporting Services

Colt Monitoring and Reporting Services provide reactive, proactive and predictive monitoring to ensure that your business systems perform to your expectations.

Customer Benefits

  • Rapid Reactive Monitoring

    Trained and highly skilled staff respond rapidly to alarm escalation from server, storage and network devices 24×7, escalating monitored events through an ITIL process until the issues are resolved to your satisfaction.

  • Proactive Monitoring for Minimal Downtime

    Proactive system health checks and numerous other diagnostics are executed several times daily to ensure issues are quickly identified before becoming service-affecting incidents.

  • Predictive Monitoring for Disaster Prevention

    Information gathered from system health monitoring is used to predict and prevent system issues, as well as pinpoint a variety of potential system failures including pending hardware failure, memory leaks, and network bandwidth issues.

  • Extensive Monitoring Features to Address Various Needs

    Services include up/down monitoring, service monitoring, process monitoring, resource monitoring, log monitoring, and environment monitoring.

  • Web-Based Reporting

    Reports on Internet traffic, network services, and the performance of managed services equipment are available online for your convenience.

  • Customized Reporting

    Get the metrics most important to your business on a monthly basis with customised reports.