Colt Private Cloud Services

In Asia, Colt provides private cloud services that offer a dedicated cloud environment where all devices, including servers, switches, storage, various network equipment like firewalls and routers, and computing management software are dedicated to your enterprise and independent from all other users. There are two flavours of Colt Private Cloud depending on your technology preferences.

Colt Private Cloud (VMware)

Colt Private Cloud services offer a dedicated cloud environment where all devices, including servers, switches, and storage, and the computing management software, are dedicated to you and independent from all other users.  Colt Turbine, an online computing management tool, provides you with ultimate control of your private cloud environment at any time, from any location. The Colt private cloud environment can be hosted at a secure Colt data centre, your premise, or a third-party facility.

Customer Benefits

Secure Dedicated Cloud Environment

  • Highly secure and separate cloud environment for optimal privacy and control that minimises security risk from unknown, outside sources
  • Hosted independently from other clients and can be tailored to your unique requirements.

Enterprise Class Performance

  • No shared assets, allowing you to utilise the performance of the entire cloud environment

Asset Management and Operation Free

  • Colt owns the assets and is responsible for maintenance and operations
  • You can leverage virtualisation environments without significant capital outlays

Remote Management and Configuration

  • Colt Turbine enables you to manage and monitor systems and to remotely initiate configuration changes
  • High level of control for customers requiring a customisable solution that allows them to provision servers and networking gear at desired specifications to meet unique requirements
  • Ideal for enterprises that deal with highly confidential or mission-critical data, or those that need to satisfy stringent regulatory requirements

Bilingual Support

  • 24 x 7 monitoring and bilingual technical support, as well as reporting and Professional Services to maximise the efficiency and benefits of your private cloud