Colt Professional Services

Colt Professional Services provide the technical and business consulting that enables enterprises to turn their discrete components into usable and valuable solutions as quickly as possible. These services minimise risk and significantly save time for businesses that do not have the internal skills and staff to effectively manage their IT systems in-house, allowing customers to focus on their core areas of business.



Professional Services Consultants guide enterprises through the “onboarding” stage by smoothly transitioning the customer from their existing environment or concept environment to a functioning set of services provided on Colt-supplied infrastructure.

Integrated Solutions

As Colt is both your managed services provider and system integrator (SI), Colt Professional Services offer the unique advantage of being able to develop truly integrated solutions that meet your overall business and IT needs. This could involve incorporating any of Colt’s security, network, storage, and/or managed services.

Technical Consulting and Ongoing Assistance

Throughout the service transition stage and after implementation and handover are complete, Colt Professional Services provide ongoing assistance for implementations where advanced escalation support is needed or where complex changes to an existing architecture are required.

Solution Consulting

Colt provides a wide range of infrastructure services, which offer a variety of ways to reduce costs and IT management concerns, allowing customers to focus on their core business strengths. Colt Professional Services works with customers to design and implement services that maximise the effective use and benefits of Colt infrastructure products. Expert consultants assist customers in selecting a set of services from the full suite of Colt products that meets their business needs, and also support the customer’s IT organisation in implementing and deploying these services.

Broad Scope of Services

Professional Services offer design consultation, cloud and private Infrastructure configuration and test services, advanced escalation support and service transition support. The scope of every service is defined by mutual agreement with the customer, and our professional service teams make every effort to assist customers in a timely and economical manner.