Storage & Back-up Services

Colt offers flexible and resilient enterprise-grade primary and back-up storage solutions to help you store, maintain, protect, and recover your business information easily and cost-effectively.

Colt follows a tiered approach to optimize storage and management of extensive types and amounts of data based on its value. Whether you have production data or archived data, our storage solutions align with your business processes and policies, helping you meet your compliance requirements and minimising the infrastructure and management costs. Our storage services in Asia are delivered through one of our enterprise-class SSAE-16 certified data centres, with complete 24 x 7 monitoring through our globally distributed network operations centres.

Our on-staff team of seasoned storage engineers implement custom managed storage solutions to meet your objectives. They work with you to understand your RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective) requirements, as well as assess your entire environment to determine what you have today and where potential threats exist.

Colt offers a wide range of storage services to allow you to tailor your storage solution to your business needs:

Dedicated Storage

  • Offered from 20TB all the way to 2 Petabytes
  • Guarantees you the best possible performance and reliability

Shared Storage

  • Multiple levels of shared storage from transactional to duplicated workgroup level storage
  • Allows you to scale your storage purchase to the characteristics your business demands

We also provide multiple ranges of back-up services from dedicated on-site back-up to tape handling and offsite archiving.

Customer Benefits

  • Improve Cost Control

    Scalable storage platform allows you to purchase additional storage and back-up resources as your needs increase, with capital investment, capacity planning or hardware refresh, allowing you to obtain the right balance of cost and performance by tiering storage to type of data as per the desired performance, availability and recovery requirements

  • Get Peace of Mind

    Improve data availability and recovery to satisfy business and regulatory requirements by leveraging best-of-breed technology coupled with deep storage expertise

  • Enhanced Productivity

    Let Colt engineers handle the monitoring and management of infrastructure so you can focus on core strengths to differentiate yourself in the market