About Colt’s Network

Colt Network Map

Colt’s highly available and secure network has breadth and depth across 3 continents, allowing us to support the technology and communication services on which our customer’s business depends. We are present in 28 countries in Europe, Asia plus the US and have agreements with providers in others so we can ensure total coverage across Europe and Asia.  Our expanding, state of the art network seamlessly connects 49 metropolitan area networks, 205 cities and over 22.500 buildings, making Colt the only provider to offer such deep metro coverage across so many markets.

In Asia, Colt’s low latency network has been strategically designed to use as few media converters and network devices as possible to bring you connectivity with minimal hops and optimal network speed and performance. Leveraging our Asian Points of Presence (POPs) in Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore, Hong Kong, Busan Korea, and Sydney and interconnecting with our expansive network in Europe and POPs in the US, we are capable of providing enterprises with high-speed connectivity between the world’s key business centres.

To address the needs of the capital markets, we have placed network POPs as close to the exchange matching engine as possible, selected the lowest latency cable systems, optimised the fibre backhauls, and used an integrated end-to-end network platform to reduce latency to an absolute minimum. Today, Colt owns and operates what is considered to be the fastest network in metropolitan Japan, which is used to deliver Colt Ethernet Line / Colt Ethernet Hub & Spoke.