Colt Ethernet Line
Colt Ethernet Hub & Spoke

This product was formerly known as etherXEN Japan prior to March 13th, 2017.
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Service overview

Colt Ethernet Line (point-to-point) / Hub & Spoke (point-to-multipoint) are low-latency, reliable, and bandwidthguaranteed Ethernet lines. With traffic between data centres increasing year over year, these circuits offer uncompromising performance while reducing cost of access and use. Choose between guaranteed bandwidth (CIR*1=PIR*2), or partial guaranteed bandwidth with burstability (CIR < PIR).

*1 CIR: Comitted Information Rate
*2 PIR: Peak Information Rate

Connectivity overview


  • Colt has a proven track record in serving the financial industry with low-latency connectivity and we continue to leverage that experience to shrink latency down to the microsecond.
  • Expertise in developing our own fibre-optic network has made us industry leaders in low latency
  • We use low-latency optimised network equipment on top of our efficiently configured core network to tune latency down even further.
High quality
  • Our core network is entirely redundant, with optional redundancy in client access lines
  • Reliable quality assurance SLAs (availability, bandwidth recovery, incident time to recovery, lead times)
  • Guaranteed end-to-end bandwidth boasts a fast switching (<50ms) leased line in case of outages, and a wide array of features such as 1Mbps to 6Gbps bandwidth packages and reporting features not found in other leased lines
Flexibility & scalability
  • Simple bandwidth upgrades without requiring physical onsite changes/installation
  • High-bandwidth lines up to 1G can be setup within 10 business days if circuit equipment already exists
  • All customers furnished with access links of up to 1 to 10Gbps to allow for bandwidth flexing without extra physical installation or equipment upgrades.
  • A fast, all-in-one connectivity service with inter-connects between over 70 major centers in Asia already
  • High-bandwidth connection of up to 10Gbps between data centres

Line options

Service Name Colt Ethernet Line
Colt Ethernet Hub & Spoke
Colt Ethernet
Hub & Spoke
Service type Guaranteed bandwidth Burst Hikari Access
Features Bandwidth per Contract Guaranteed bandwidth up to fixed amount, partial guaranteed bandwidth, bandwidth over CIR is shared Best effort
Hikari access line
Service type Point to Point/Point to Multi-Point Point-to-multipoint
Speeds 1Mbps ~ 6Gbps 100M Burst (10M/30M Guaranteed)
1G Burst (100M/300M Guaranteed)
10G Burst (1G/3G/5G Guaranteed)
Best effort
Service area Tokyo 23 Wards, Tama, Kawasaki, Yokohama, Saitama, Chiba, Part of Osaka*1 Japan-wide
SLA Lead time
Availability *2
Time to recovery *2
Incident support desk 24/7/365 24/7/365
Incident responce team 24/7/365 24/7/365
(Hikari Access from 9am to 5pm)

*1 Check with a representative for a detailed coverage map.
*2 The Hikari Access SLA applies to Colt network accommodation and core nodes.

CIR=Committed Information Rate
PIR=Peak Information Rate

Hikari Access option

Best-effort Hikari Access is useful for access points that don’t use a lot of traffic or are transmitting data that is less important. Get optimal cost and performance by using Hub & Spoke to combine guaranteed bandwidth and burstability.

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