Colt Ethernet Line
Colt Ethernet Hub & Spoke

This product was formerly known as etherXEN Singapore prior to March 13th, 2017.
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Service overview

The Colt Ethernet Line/Hub & Spoke are point-to-multipoint enterprise network services that have the reliability and high quality of a leased line as well as the flexibility and cost effectiveness of an ethernet line. This connectivity solution for cloud, data centres and enterprise networks boasts high cost-effectiveness with a proven track record in both Europe and Japan.



The same Colt services that both foreign and domestic financial institutions depend on for missioncritical connectivity are now available in Singapore. On top of that, service availability, incident recovery, packet delivery, and service delivery are SLA-guaranteed, and our service conforms to MEF2.0 standards.

Low cost

We operate our own global network with metro area networks in 49 cities in Europe and Asia. We aim to lower customer costs by making use of our highly experienced global operations team and the latest SDN supported equipment, as well as reducing operating costs through economy of scale.

Great flexibility

We offer various bandwidth options – guaranteed, burstable, shared – to meet many different business needs.

Our networks can be easily self-provisioned and administered through our state-of-the-art customer portal, which also gives access to traffic monitoring a nd performance reports.


Colt has a proven track record in serving the financial industry with low-latency connectivity and we continue to leverage that experience to shrink latency down to the microsecond.

Expertise in developing our own fibre-optic network has made us industry leaders in low latency

We use low-latency optimised network equipment on top of our ef ficiently configured core network to tune latency down even further.

International end-to-end network service

With 49 metro area networks in the major markets of both Europe and Asia, Colt is the only provider in the world with true end-to-end global connectivity of this breadth and depth. Over 37,000 buildings and data centres are on Colt’s direct network, allowing us to reduce the operating expenses of our customers by offering high-quality connectivity tailored for the global businesses of the future.

Service options


Fully bandwidth-guaranteed service

Ideal for…
  • Mission-critical connectivity
  • Applications with low tolerance for packet loss
  • Access for data centres or corporate networks


Bandwidth guaranteed for contracted amount with shared bandwidth available over contracted amount

Ideal for…
  • Fluctuating bandwidth usage
  • Unpredictable traffic spikes
  • Backup systems with large periodic bursts of data


Shared bandwidth service (best-effort)

Ideal for…
  • Cost reduction
  • Low-priority applications
  • Line redundancy/backup systems


Bandwidth-guaranteed Burstable Shared
Bandwidth profile Guaranteed bandwidth service CIR (Committed) = PIR (Peak) Bandwidth guaranteed up to CIR, excess traffic uses shared bandwidth (CIR<PIR) Shared bandwidth service (CIR =0)
Bandwidth • 2M, 4M, 6M, 8M, 10M
• 10M~100M (10M Interval)
• 100M~1G (100M Interval)
• 1G~10G (1G Interval)
• CIR = 10M or 30M, up to 100M Burst available
• CIR = 100M or 300M, up to 1G Burst available
• CIR = 1G, 3G or 5G, up to 10G Burst available
EPL: 100M, 200M, 300M, 400M, 500M E-LAN
• 2M, 4M, 6M, 8M, 10M
• 10M~100M(10M Interval)
• 100M~1G(100M Interval)
• 1G, 2G
Interface & topology • 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-SX/LX, 1000BASE-T, 10GBASE-LR
• Point-to-point and Hub & Spoke
• 1000BASE-SX/LX, 1000BASE-T
• Point-to-point
SLA Lead time, availability, incident recovery, packet delivery Lead time, incident recovery
MTU • Standard: 1,600 byte (Ethernet frame incl. FCS)
• Maximum: 1,990 byte (≤800Mbps), 9,200 byte (>800Mbps)
Link pass through feature Supported by default with point-to-point
Other • Bandwidth Control Method: Per Line Ingress Policing (Layer 2 Bandwidth Control: Interpacket Gap, Preamble, Ethernet Frame incl. FCS)
• Auto-Switch: Under 50ms
• Transport Frame: All Except Pause Frame, LLDP, and Link-OAM
• Optional Services: Traffic and Performance Reporting
• MEF 2.0 Standard
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