Colt IP Access

This product was formerly known as Internet Services – Japan prior to March 13th, 2017.
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Service overview

Colt IP Access is an internet service for enterprise customers that need fast and high-quality data connectivity. We offer both shared-bandwidth and private leased line services to support our clients’ various business needs such as web-based content distribution, cloud-based applications, VoIP, or online backups. We also offer a variety of security options for all of needs including reporting, managed IDS/IPS, managed firewall, managed router, and anti-DDOS services.

Service features

  • Access lines available in both dedicated and shared-bandwidth varieties
  • Full redundancy for all circuits and equipment in Colt’s backbone for uncompromising reliability with 24/7 monitoring for swift incident handling in the event of network disruption
  • SLA guarantees: Service delivery timeframe, incident recovery time, availability, latency
  • Wide range of bandwidth choices: 1Mbps to 6Gbps
  • Flexible billing options: Fixed cost or usage-based
  • IPv6 support
  • Dynamic routing (eBGP) available
  • One-stop service: Planning, implementation, operation, and monitoring, as well as Managed Device Service (routers, etc.) all handled by Colt to reduce customers’ initial and operational costs
  • DDoS attacks blocked by Colt backbone side
  • DDoS Monitoring Service notifies user after detecting and discarding malicious data
  • Managed Firewall and Managed IDS/IPS Service protect against internet-based unauthorized access

Service specifications

Interface • 10BASE-T
• 100BASE-TX
• 1000BASE-T/SX/LX*1
• 10GBASE-LR*2
Bandwidth • 1Mbps ~ 6Gbps*2
Supported IP versions IPv4,IPv6
Routing Static, BGP4
Bandwidth types Dedicated or shared
Billing types Fixed cost or usage-based
Service areas Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Osaka, Other Cities*2
IP address
(LAN address)
• Leased: Min/29 Max/24*2
• Shared: /29 only
New domain registry We register new domains for out clients
DNS hosting DNS hosting available. Primary, Secondary or both may be used
Optional redundancy Offers redundant configuration using redundancy protocals to offer high fault-tolerance
Optional Managed Services All-in-one planning, installation, and maintenance for routers, firewalls, IDS/IPS, and other network devices

*1 : 1000BASE-SXI/F are used in Colt data centres for Leased Bandwidth. Check with Colt for more details.
*2 : Check with a Colt representative for details and other specifics not mentioned above.

Security services

Colt provides complete protection for our clients’ internet environments from a wide variety of threats.

Colt in Asia Internet latency

Year / Month Mean value (ms)
2017 / 07 3.86
2017 / 06 3.40
2017 / 05 3.41
2017 / 04 3.44
2017 / 03 4.11
2017 / 02 4.30