IP VPN Services

Colt IP-VPN services in Asia offer a fully secure and private IP-VPN network solution, ensuring reliable and seamless global connectivity. Colt’s next generation IP-VPN network is tailored to address your specific business requirements as it uniquely combines the cost benefits, scalability, and flexibility of a shared network with the performance, reliability, and security of traditional connection-based private network. Colt IP-VPN Services in Asia comprise of the following product lines:

Global IP-VPN Services
Global IP-VPN Services


Colt Global IP VPN is an Asia-based service purposely designed to achieve the highest levels of performance and resiliency, and is provided on Colt’s dedicated and custom built global backbone with varied local access options.


Customer Benefits

  • Fully Secure and Private

    No direct connectivity from the Internet to the MPLS core and includes extensive security features to protect customers from label spoofing, intrusions, and misdirected messages

  • Comprehensive Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

    Covered by competitive SLAs, including guarantees on both Service Delivery and Fault Handling

  • End-to-End Management

    Proactively managed end-to-end network with managed devices at each customer premise, allowing customers to focus on their core areas of business

  • Flexibility

    Flexible network architecture and fast implementations, allowing customers to respond rapidly to changes in their business, including mergers, relocation, and/or cost rationalization

  • Broad Range of Services

    Multiple classes of services for voice, video, and enterprise data to meet the unique needs of each customer

  • Cost-effective Pricing

    Highly competitive pricing with various price options that matches your unique business scenario