Colt Managed IDS/IPS

Innovation and speed to market are becoming key indicators of success in today’s continuously evolving and globalising society. The need to be more competitive is driving rapid application developments, which move ahead of security penetration testing, and while applications are the most critical area for enterprise IT security, they are frequently not designed with security in mind. Meanwhile, hackers are growing in numbers and skill levels, with many well-funded groups creating ‘Day 1’ attacks that require proactive defences. Consequently, enterprises are facing the challenges of regulations demanding more sophisticated security and clearly audit-able compliance to address these new issues, in addition to the traditional challenges of staff accessing banned sites and more.

Colt Managed Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) services are a key part of Colt’s managed security services portfolio, offering an extensive range of services including incident management, change and configuration management, release and patch management, and device hardware maintenance support. By delivering these services throughout Asia Pacific at competitive pricing and with dedicated hardware, Colt designs and implements the optimal security solution customised to meet your business needs.

Customer Benefits

  • Integrated Solutions

    Colt works with you throughout the design, installation, configuration, and policy tuning stages to provide security services fully integrated with our network and managed services portfolio to address your business needs

  • 24 x 7 Monitoring and Regular Reporting

    Includes 24 x 7 availability monitoring, device threshold monitoring, and security event monitoring by highly experienced engineers, as well as monthly reporting

  • Expert and Experienced Engineers

    Highly skilled security operations team with leading class SIEM tools to provide 24 x 7 expert management and efficiently respond to professional hackers and ‘Day 1’ attacks

  • High Quality Devices

    Best in class security devices ensuring accurate identification of threats and helping in meeting regulatory and PCI DSS requirements

  • Reduced CAPEX

    Helps reduce CAPEX investments as the customer is charged on a monthly basis (OPEX)

  • End-to-End Management

    Full lifecycle management ensures high customer satisfaction at every stage