Colt Wave

This product was formerly known as Leased Line Service, SmartGiga, and Backhaul Service prior to March 13th, 2017. Please visit the product mapping page for details →

Colt Wave is a lease line service that supports high bandwidth and a large variety of service protocols. Connect your access points with our reliable fiber network and a WDM*1 receiver.
(*1 WDM: Wavelength-Division Multiplexing)

Service Menu

Ethernet OTN (Optical Transport Network) SONET/SDH Fibre Channel
Bandwidth 1G,10G,100G 10G, 100G 2.5G, 10G 1G, 2G, 4G, 10G

Service Features

  • Redundant service with guaranteed end-to-end bandwidth Colt has fibre between Osaka and Tokyo, and service is provided through a WDM receiver
  • Proven track record and established reputation for serving the financial services industry
  • Covers the over 60 PoPs, data centres, and even major submarine Cable Landing Stations (CLS)
  • Flexible, end-to-end bilingual support covering everything from the estimate, to placing an order, installation, operation, and billing

Domestic Fiber Network

Tokyo to Osaka route diversity
A northern and southern route between Tokyo and Osaka provides route diversity

Coverage for major commercial areas
Connect to over 60 PoPs and data centres in Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, and Osaka*3
(*3 Check with a Colt representative for specific support times in different areas)

Connections to multiple submarine CLS
High–bandwidth connections from Shima, Toyohashi, Chikura, and/or Maruyama CLS


Item Specification
Interface Ethernet 1G 1000BASE-LX / 1000BASE-SX / 1000BASE-T
100G 100GBASE-LR4
OTN 10G OTU2 / OTU2e
100G OTU4
10G STM64 / OC192
Fibre Channel 1G 1G Fibre Channel (SM / MM)
2G 2G Fibre Channel (SM / MM)
4G 4G Fibre Channel (SM / MM)
10G 10G Fibre Channel (SM / MM)
Service class (protection)*1 Unprotected Non-Redundant and end-to-end.
Backbone protection Redundant Backbone. Non-redundant access line.
Protected Redundant and end-to-end.
SLA*2 Lead time, incident recovery time, service availability
Standard Delivery 1~2.5 Months*3

*1 Dependent on interface. Contact Colt for details.
*2 SLA provided for all service classes. Contact Colt for details.
*3 Colt-designated DC: 1 month; Non-Colt-designated DC/building: 2.5 months

Service class (protection)

Non-redundant and end-to-end.

Backbone Protection
Redundant backbone.
Non-redundant access line.

Redundant and end-to-end.