Colt Carrier Solutions

Colt Carrier Solutions provide wholesale Private Line and Ethernet connectivity services as well as Voice Services to local and global telecommunication providers. Our wholesale services portfolio in Asia includes local access in metropolitan Japan, high-speed global backbone links into Japan, and ultra-low latency connectivity to Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Busan, Chicago, Aurora, Sydney, and into our extensive European network.

Colt is able to offer access to every building in Japan via our own domestic fibre network in greater Tokyo and Osaka as well as through partner networks. Our network is designed to provide carrier-grade services and delivers the highest standards in speed, resilience, and performance.

Recognised as the lowest latency network provider in metropolitan Japan, Colt provides the fastest network connectivity between Japan and Asia’s major financial markets. Our proximity hosting services are available for wholesale to carrier partners, allowing you to leverage Colt’s ultra low latency network and ecosystem to connect your financial services customers to the exchanges.

Key Features

  • International Data Solutions

    A broad range of SONET, DWDM, and Ethernet network services, including the fastest network in metropolitan Japan, Colt etherXEN Private Line, as well as ultra low latency connectivity extending throughout Colt points of presence (POP) in Asia. Use Colt as your local access termination provider in Japan.

  • Voice Solutions

    Colt VoiceLINE is available in Japan as either an ISDN or IP-based service to provide a choice that matches your system requirements. You can minimise disruption to your business workflow by keeping your current phone numbers using the number portability option. Furthermore, with IP and TDM based technologies, Colt can reduce Japan termination costs, allowing you to offer a competitive global solution to your customers.

  • Ultra Low Latency Global Connectivity

    Tuned to the high-speed, high-performance needs of the international high-frequency trading community, Colt provides an ultra low latency global network that leverages our own POPs in Asia’s key markets – Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore, Hong Kong, Busan, and Sydney, as well as Colt’s extensive network across Europe.

  • Colocation and Cloud Services

    Colt offers flexible colocation and IT services through our 7 robust data centres in Asia – 4 in Japan and one facility in Singapore, Hong Kong, and in Korea.

  • Local Support

    International carrier enterprises without a presence in Japan can rely on Colt as their sole IT infrastructure service provider with local support in Operations, Administration, Maintenance, and Provisioning, as well as 24 x 7 bilingual service desk support in English and Japanese.