Healthcare Industry Solutions

Colt’s presence in Asia began with the establishment of KVH by Fidelity Investments in 1999 as an ICT service provider with an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction that is characteristic of Japanese business practices.

By deploying our first optical fibres in metropolitan Tokyo and Osaka, the foundation was laid for a data and communications business that has turned phenomenal domestic growth into international prestige. Our service platform in Asia features ultra low latency networks and state-of-the-art data centres that are built to premium quality and serve more than 2,200 corporate customers in the region with the best in network, IT management, and data centre services.

With a strong track record and pedigree in the strictly regulated financial industry, Colt has built its business in one of the most quality-focused markets in the world and has passed the “ultimate torture test” for reliability, security, and customer satisfaction. This puts Colt in an ideal position to serve the IT needs of healthcare companies looking for superior computing resources for data analysis, expertise and compliance with industry regulations, and ultra-secure environments for highly confidential data.

Colt’s IT Solutions in Asia for the Healthcare Industry

  • Certified Industry Compliance

    • Data centres with top-notch security and robustness
    • ISMS/ISO27001 Certification
    • Audit expertise and official documentation support
  • Highly Secure, Dedicated Private Cloud

    • Independent colocation space dedicated to individual customers with benefits of cloud computing services
    • Servers, switch and storage devices dedicated to individual customers
    • Comprehensive protection from unknown external sources
  • Built for Big Data

    • High security on par with leased lines
    • 1Gbps or 10Gbps port for all customers
    • Bandwidth scaling requires no physical work
    • Burstability available to enhance cost efficiency